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June 20, 2009


Daniells Mill, Wacousta, Michigan

Daniells Mill, Wacousta, Michigan

 I am the son of Donald Stephenson Winegar and Mary Daniells Winegar.  Both grew up in Wacousta, Michigan.  I have recently retired and have time to devote to genealogy.  My situation is quite different from most people getting involved in genealogy.  I am not seeking information on my ancestors but looking for a way to share and organize the information that I have.

On both sides of my family, a genealogist/historian preceded me.  My father, Donald S. Winegar, spent much of his retirement collecting data on the Winegars, the Stephensons and anyone who married into these families. My aunt, Betty Daniells, traced the Daniells genealogy back to the royalty of England.  Both of these historians collected their data in the era before the Internet, traveling to genealogical libraries and writing letters.

I inherited all of the data that that Donald and Betty collected.  I have an incredible amout of family information.  In particular, the Daniells saved everything related to their family.The majority of the data they collected has been entered into Family Tree Maker into a very large file.  I have a wealth of family pictures from the Winegars, Stephensons, Daniells, Blisses, Plowmans, and many others. 

My plan initially is to publish many of these pictures on the internet so they are available to those interested.  I am not familiar with the various internet tools so how I provide information will change as I get better. Right now, I am putting pictures on flickr.com under jswinegar.  They are tagged with Wacousta and Daniells.  I have 32 pictures on flickr that come from a family album of Carey Reed Daniells (1845-1912)and Catherine Stowell Daniells (1844-1923).

More information will follow.


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