Coming to Wacousta Intro

My grandparents, the Winegars, the Stephensons, the Daniells and the Blisses all settled in Wacousta, Michigan, a very small farming community.  The Winegars originally came from Switzerland and Germany and the other three families came from England.  How they all ended up in Wacousta has always been interesting to me.

I have genealogical information on all of the families dating back into the 1600’s.  What I propose to do is to trace the four families from my earliest records up to the present time, sharing not just genealogy but other facts of interest that I may have.  I am calling this history, Coming to Wacousta.  I plan to look at each century and to share where my ancestors were and what they were doing.  I did this on a web site about 15 years ago but unfortunately the site was lost and I have to reconstruct most of it.  I will be posting it as it is developed.


2 Responses to Coming to Wacousta Intro

  1. Lauralee Winegar Thurston says:

    This must be my cousin Jim Winegar, son of Don and Mary, right? I am the daughter of William and Ruth Winegar. I think I last saw you at my brother Mike’s funeral in Florida about 20 (?) years ago. My sister and I were just in Michigan and visited with Uncle Paul. Ruth is living near my sister in Arkansas.

    • winegar says:


      I’m glad to hear from you. I didn’t have any e-mail addresses for anyone in your family. I have a lot of Winegar pictures and other info and will get it published at some point. I found out today that we can claim to be direct decendants of Mayflower passengers if that is important to you. Anyway, I will cover that in the blog. If you can send me e-mail addresses for Billy Kay and Patrick that would be good. We need to get together more that every 20 years. If you get back to Florida let me know.


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