The Bliss Family in the 1800’s: David Pitney Bliss


David Pitney Bliss, 1828-1888

David Pitney Bliss, the son of David Bliss and Samantha Griswold, was born in Wilmington, Vermont.  In 1848, with his parents and several siblings, he made the trip down the Erie Canal and settled in Riley Township, Michigan.  Their experiences were described in the story earlier.  When they first arrived in Michigan they stayed in the home of Philip Philo Peck, one of the early settlers in Clinton County.  David Pitney married Amanda, Philip’s daughter, in 1853.   They had two children, Herman Sidney (our ancestor) and Eva. 

David Pitney Bliss

David Pitney Bliss

Amanda Peck Bliss

Amanda Peck Bliss

David was a good carpenter and had made the sleigh the family used to transport supplies early in their stay in Michigan.  In 1874, David and several of his brothers are stockholders in the establishment of the Forest Hills Cheese Factory.


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