Winegar Hole Wilderness

There are a number of geographic locations in the country that are named Winegar most of which  I am not able to connect with our family.  An exception to that is Winegar Hole Wilderness which is within Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Wyoming and borders on Yellowstone National Park.  The area was established to protect prime grizzly bear habitat.  I have not visited the area, but my sister Donna Holmes and her daughter Dawne have been there.  They report that it is a very primitive area and that there is not much to see.  Dawne took pictures there and I hope to get some of her pictures to add to this site.

According to Wikipedia:  The Fremont County (Idaho) history says: “The same Egin Bench was the first settlement when Stephen Winegar and his four sons, George, Willis, Leonard and John, put up the first log shelter during the summer of 1879 when they cut and stacked the wild hay in the river bottoms.  Winegar Hole and “Gideon Winegar June, 1882, carved on the cliff beside the Snake River, are reminders of these early settlers.”

My genealogical records show that Stephen Winegar had sons Gideon and Willis.  He had brothers John and George.  Leonard was a common name in the family at that time, but I don’t show him as a son to Stephen.

Family Tree Maker shows that Stephen Winegar is my second cousin four times removed.  We have common ancestors.  We are both decended from Ulrich who settled in New York in 1710 and his son Garrett. Stephen is decended from Garrett’s son Samuel while my line goes through Garrett’s son Ulrich.  Samuel had a son Samuel Thomas who was Stephen’s father.

All the attached photographs were taken by Ralph Maughan.


3 Responses to Winegar Hole Wilderness

  1. Heather Winegar says:

    I am sooo interested in learning more about my name and ancesters regarding Winegar Hole.
    Can you send me any info you may be inspired to send.

  2. Bob Winegar says:

    My name is Bob Winegar. I am staying at Signal Mountain, Wyoming. We were curious about the Winegar Sinkhole. We are descendants from Ulrich, through Garrett. Thanks for the information. Sincerely Glen Robert Winegar (Bob).

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