Stephenson Update

George Wold Stephenson

During the past week, I have been in contact with two of my Stephenson 4th cousins.  My 3rd great-grandfather was George Stephenson (1774-1846), who lived in Lincolnshire, England.  He and his wife Elizabeth Wold (W0uld) had 12 children.  My ancestor was George Wold Stephenson (1813-1896), who immigrated to the US and settled in St. Johns, Michigan.  Most of my records follow this line.  Another son of George and Elizabeth was Absolam Wold Stephenson (1798-1854), whose son John Absalom Stephenson (1840-1921) immigrated to Australia.  His descendant Frazer Stephenson has established a family tree The Stephenson Family Tree- Australia on  Another son of George and Elizabeth was David (1802-1875), whose family remained in England.  His descendant Patrick Stephenson has set up The Stephenson Family Tree, also on  Much of the Stephenson information and pictures  from my blog are now also available on these two trees.  

 To make it easier to collaborate, I have now up-loaded my Stephenson data and have a family tree George Wold Stephenson Descendants on Ancestry.  We are working to combine data on these three trees to form more complete records on the Stephensons.  If you are not a subscriber to, please respond in a comment to this post.  I can add you as a guest on and you can view what information is available. 

St. Mary's Church, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, England

This summer Sandra and I will spend time in Europe, including a brief visit to Horncastle and Hogsthorpe.  I will share our findings when we return.  Since we are traveling using airline miles, our itinerary is determined  by available flights, rather than the time we would like to spend.  Three days would be more appropriate.  The good thing is that Horncastle and Hogsthorpe, where our Stephenson ancestors lived, are very small and have few cemeteries and churches.  Hopefully, we can cover a lot in the short period.  I have communicated with Pat Stephenson, my 4th cousin mentioned above, and we will try to make contact during our brief stop in England.

A few months ago I wrote a blog, comparing genealogy in my father’s time and in mine.  Thanks to resources such as, three distant cousins on three continents can now easily collaborate on virtually a real time basis to build an extensive genealogical data base.  How times have changed!


6 Responses to Stephenson Update

  1. Les Stephenson says:

    Hello Jim,
    Recently I have been looking into the lineage of our family and thus far it appears that the roots are in Horncastle, Lincolnshire as I have come across my great-great grandfather Henry Stephenson in the 1851 census as being a 44 year old journeyman tailor, married to Mary Ann (aged 48) who were both born in Horncastle. From that same census were listed 2 Joseph Stephensons, aged 45 and 50 (cousins?). When I saw your post on the internet I thought perhaps we might be distantly related. Could you please add me as a guest to to enable me to see if there are any links to your family tree. Thank you.

  2. Frazer Stephenson says:

    Hi Jim, I would be keen to see where Les fits into the Tree – If his ggf ‘Henry’ is the Henry born 1807 (son to George) than he may be able to provide us with some value-adding (missing) information; If he is referring to an earlier ‘Henry’, then that could also be of great help to solving much of the missing early info! Perhaps we have found another 4th cousin?
    Krawarree, Australia

  3. Francis says:

    Hello Jim –

    I hope you get this.
    I would like to refer you to my blog.

    The second blog on there is a genealogy site. I am descended from a long line of Stephensons from the East Riding of Yorkshire (but originally – I think – from Lincolnshire.)

    Marmaduke Stephenson (various generations of Marmadukes stretcjh back in time) is the name that first caught my eye and started me off on the hunt.

    Certainly, the close proximity of the Humber river would mean that crossing back and forth – for whatever reason – would not be impossible.

    Anyway, have a look and see what you think. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, and please don’t hesitate to use my email address if you wish to correspond any further.

    Many thanks,
    Francis Wright (Richmond, Surrey, UK.)

  4. Ann Stephenson says:

    My Grandad was Euclid Stephenson.He Married Lucy Cutts.This was his secind marrage,he had Florance Lillian,and Maggie,by his first wife.Harold,Len and John with Lucy.I am Lens daughter.Gandad was a postman.I have lots of storys if you want to get in touch,

  5. Scott Harding says:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m a coin & token collector who lives in St. Johns, and after a recent eBay win I was looking up your ancestor G.W. Stephenson on Google, whereupon I came across your blog. The coin I won is an 1863 “store coupon” for G. W. Stephenson & Son, a dry-goods store. Nothing else to add, just that I’m happy to read about him on your blog. Cheers!

    Scott Harding

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