Descendants of Ulrich Winegar: The need for a complete database

Since I began writing this blog, I have had numerous queries from Winegar descendants seeking information on  their family background.  Sometimes I have information that helps, but often I do not.  There are a large number of trees on containing Winegar information, but these tend to focus on one line and other branches simply dead-end. 

In the late 1970’s Arthur Goold published the Wineinger/Winegar/Wininger Newsletter.  My father subscribed to this Newsletter, and I think I have a complete set.  Sometimes I can find information here that is not on-line or in my Family Tree Maker files, but it requires a laborious search.  At least two books have been published on the data from these newsletters, but both are out of print.  Margaret Harris Stover published The Descendants of Uldrich Winegar of Amenia, Dutches County, New York.  I understand that Helen Beazer has recently published a book on the subject.  If anyone knows how I can get a copy of either of these books, I would appreciate their help.

The Winegar Tree by Arthur Goold.

My current plan is to try to create a database containing the information from the old newsletters, starting with Volume One and working forward.  I am working in Family Tree Maker rather than because it is much more user-friendly.  As my work progresses, I will upload copies to Ancestry.  I have quickly decided not to try to follow all of the non-Winegar lines.  There is just too much data available.  I am also seeing that there is a lot of conflicting information, particularly with dates and places.  I hope that corrections in subsequent newsletters help clarify these issues.

I would welcome comments, suggestions, or assistance on this project.


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