Descendants of Ulrich Winegar Data Base

In my last post, I discussed my project of building a data base of the descendants of Ulrich Winegar.  I started with data that my father had collected, plus what I have added in the last few years.  Now, Sandra and I are working to add information from the Winegar Tree, a magazine produced during the late 70’s and early 80’s.  We have added data from the first two volumes and uploaded our file to  If you are an Ancestry subscriber, you can can reach this file by clicking the link below.  If this fails, contact me and give me your email address and I can give you guest privileges to this file.  The file is called Ulrich Winegar Descendants-August 2010.  The file contains some information I don’t think is available elsewhere, as well as a number of pictures and stories from this blog.  As I add new information from the Winegar Tree, I will upload new versions.  We are working in Family Tree Maker which is much more user-friendly for entering large amounts of data.


One Response to Descendants of Ulrich Winegar Data Base

  1. Don Robertson says:

    I am to believe that Ulric Winegar is my 8th great grandfather. I will let you know why i think this then if anyone can prove otherwise that would be appreciated as the information i have is from other trees which are not always accurate. I do know for a fact that my great grandfather is Arthur James Bryan the rest is from documents and other family trees. Arthur’s mother is Annie Jane Bryan (nee Lasher), her father is Sylvester Nathaniel Lasher, his father is Turpin Green Lasher, his father is Andreas Lasher, his father is Johann Gerhardt “Garrett” Lasher, his mother is Elizabeth Lasher (nee Winegar), her father Ulric Winegar. Please let me know if any of this information does or does not match any of the Winegar Family in this article.

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