The Will of John Would


Copy of the Will of John Would, 1825

Today I received copies of two wills that I ordered from the Lincolnshire Archives several weeks ago.  One of the wills was that of John Would who died in 1825 in Kirkby on Bain, Lincolnshire.  I thought at first that this John Would was the father of Elizabeth Wold Stephenson and my 4th great grandfather, but it was not to be.  What a coincidence that a small town such as Kirkby on Bain would have two John Woulds who both died in 1825!

For the benefit of other researchers, here is the information that I was able to gather on the John Would of the will. 

John Would married Ann Lusby 13 May 1766 in Kirkby on Bain.  They had three children: Thomas (born 1767), Joseph (born 1769), and Susanna (born 1778).  John’s will does not mention his wife, Thomas, or Joseph, so presumably they were deceased at the time of John’s death.

John’s daughter Susanna Would married William Greetham 7 May 1795 in Kirkby on Bain.  They had three children: Mary, Thomas, and Elizabeth, all of whom were remembered in their grandfather John’s will.

Mary Greetham married John Motley 26 March 1818.  John Motley was a butcher.

Thomas Greetham married Elizabeth and had two children, Mary and Ann.

Elizabeth Greetham married George Taylor 13 May 1819.  George was a farmer.

John Would designated his daughter Susanna as Executrix of his will and grandson Thomas and grandson-in-law John Motley as Executors.

It is amazing how much information can be determined from a will and 30 minutes on a computer. 


2 Responses to The Will of John Would

  1. John says:

    Brilliant, thank you very much for putting the will online. I am a descendant of this John Would + Ann Lusby > Susanna Would + William Greetham > Mary Greetham + John Motley > Greetham Motley…
    Unfortunately at this resolution it’s hard to read, I wonder if it’s not too much trouble whether you could scan it at higher res, and either put it on the website or email it to me? TIA regards John

  2. David Would says:

    Hi Jim,

    I am a Would with family connections to Coningsby, Tattershall and Kirkby on Bain. I have some copies from original parish records
    (from the Lincolnshire Archives) if you would like to see them.

    You may already have copies if you have visited the Archive in Lincoln (where I live).

    Hopefully we can get in touch with each other.

    David Would

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