Winegar Cemetery

Winegar Cemetery is a well-maintained graveyard in Byron Township, just south of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The cemetery is down a lovely country lane on land that was once owned by Isaac Winegar, Jr., patriarch of the Winegar family in Byron Township.  There is a very nice sign by the road at the entry to the lane and a wonderful wrought iron archway a short distance down the lane.

Archway to Winegar Cemetery, Byron Township, Michigan

There are 557 graves in the cemetery, 10 of them Winegars.  Winegars who are buried in Winegar Cemetery are Agnes F. (daughter of Isaac Jr.), Arthur D. (son of Isaac Milton), Dayton G. (son of Isaac Jr.), Isaac Jr., Isaac Milton (son of Isaac Jr.), Iva G. (unknown), Lillian (daughter of Isaac Milton), Loa Grace (daughter of Isaac Milton), Margaret Fleetwood (wife of Isaac Milton), and Sarah F. Whitcomb (wife of Isaac Jr.)

Monument for Isaac Winegar, Jr.

Gravestone of Isaac Milton Winegar.

In addition to the Winegar graves are 22 Whitcombs, relatives of Sarah F. Whitcomb.

For additional pictures and information concerning the Winegars and Whitcombs, go to by clicking here.


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