More Wit of W.C. Daniells: The Truman Memorial

October 2, 2009
Today’s post is the second example of the humor of W.C. Daniells.  Again, I don’t know who may have written this piece but its survival in his papers show that he enjoyed it and that he was no fan of Harry Truman or of government interference in his business.

Dear Fellow Traveler:

I have the distinguished honor of being a member of a committee to raise 50 billion dollars for placing a statue of Truman in the Hall of Fame in Washington.

We have decided not to tease it by placing it next to George Washington who never told a lie, not next to Abraham Lincoln who is known as “Honest Abe,” not next to Thomas Jefferson who spurned a third term.  The committee was in quite a quandary, but after careful deliberation, it was decided to place the statue next to Columbus, who, after all, did not know where he was going, did not know where he was when he got there, not where he had been when he returned home.  But he did the whole trip on borrowed money.

The inscription to be engraved on the Truman statue will read: “I pledge allegiance to Harry Truman and to the indebtedness for which he stands – one man, indispensable, with corruption for all.”

Five thousand years ago, Moses said:  “Pick up thy shovels, mount thine ass and camel, and I will lead you to the promised land.”  Five thousand years later, Truman said, “Lay down thy shovels, sit on thine ass, light up a Camel, this is the promised land.”

If you are one of those who dare to have money left after your taxes are paid, we will expect a liberal contribution.



W.C. Daniells

W.C. Daniells

Allan and W.C. Daniells, 1899.  The photo is entitled on the back as "Making Both Ends Meet."

Allan and W.C. Daniells, 1899. The photo is entitled on the back as "Making Both Ends Meet."